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Cold Eyes (Gam si ja deul)
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Cold Eyes (Gam si ja deul)

Cold Eyes izle , Gizli Takip izle , Gam-si-ja-deul izle , Cold Eyes 2013 Filmi Türkçe Dublaj Altyazılı Full izle - HA Yoon-ju joins a team within the Korean Police Force's Special Crimes Unit (SCU) that specializes in surveillance operations on high-profile offenders. He has a crystal clear recall, acute observation, and the greatest concentration abilities. She reports to Hwang Sang-jun, the unit's senior commander, who is gruff, reckless, and warm-hearted, with animal-like instincts and intuition. When they try to hunt down James, the cold-hearted head of an armed criminal organization, the two eventually form a strong bond. James always manages to elude their radar because to his unrivaled intellect and planning. Hwang Sang-jun and Ha Yoon-ju must now do all in their power to track him down and stop him.

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