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Bugün Her Şey Düzelecek Full Hd film izle
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Bugün Her Şey Düzelecek Full Hd film izle

Bugün Her Şey Düzelecek izle , Today We Fix the World izle , Hoy se arregla el mundo izle , Bugün Her Şey Düzelecek 2022 Türkçe Dublaj Altyazılı Full Film izle - David Samarás is the general producer of the famous chat program "Hoy Se Arregla el Mundo," in which supposed everyday people settle romance, friendship, job, parenting, and child-related difficulties. David is now single, since he has never been able to sustain a relationship. Benito, his 9-year-old kid from a short liaison, is the most lasting relationship in his life. More bound by legal responsibility than by emotion, he is always aware that Benito is an afterthought in his life. Things take a dramatic turn when he discovers, in the midst of a heated fight with Silvina, the boy's mother, that Benito is not his son. Silvina dies shortly after this discovery. David interprets the revelation as a coup de grace for their frail relationship, and he resolves to tell Benito the truth: he is not his father. Benito requests one more favor from her: "assist me in locating my actual father." David consents. The investigation will bring them to a fork in the road considerably larger than the one he set out to traverse.

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